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If you’re looking to get a funny email address, then Tasteless Emails is the perfect place to be. We offer working email accounts for the funniest email domains around. Here are some funny examples:


Yes, those are all real emails. We have plenty more, too! View the funny email addresses list. We have over 69 email domains to choose from. The emails range from mild (, to ridiculous (, to obscene (

There are domains available for everyone, so check out our pricing to see what options are available, or get shopping today!

“Why do I need a funny email address?” Well… think about that question, why WOULDN’T you want a funny email address! Let’s list a few things funny emails can do for you:

  1. Laughter is the best medicine (except actual life saving medicine, but you get the point)
  2. You can finally buy a gift for the person that has everything
  3. You can surprise the shit out of someone by sending an innocent email with the email account
  4. Create lasting memories with your friends and family coming up with the most depraved funny email account combinations and sending us your ideas for the Hall of Fame
  5. They’re anonymous email accounts and can be requested to be deleted at any time, so as long as you’re not up to any illegal shit we’re good
  6. We offer a range of packages to meet any price point – get a single funny email account or split 5 or 10 with your buddies

With a starting price of just $6.66 (funny price), and the combination of points above, I’m pretty sure your excuses could go straight to (yes, we own that one too).

If you’re ready to get started sending out some hilarious emails from your new funny email address, visit the shop. We also offer custom email domain hosting so if you own your own domain and want us to setup email for you, we can do that.

Let us know your funny email address ideas in the comments below, we’ll pick someone at random and if your submission makes us laugh, we’ll set you up for a free year with that email address!

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