TastelessEmails.com is a service meant for entertainment only and has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abuse using our service. We take abuse reports seriously and take firm actions. Use of our website is determined by your acceptance of our Terms of Service and this Abuse Policy. If your account was terminated due to abuse, you are not due a refund as stipulated in our Terms of Service. If you would like to appeal, email us at support@tastelessemails.com.

TastelessEmails.com is not responsible for any content provided by 3rd party users of our service.

Definition of Abuse

TastelessEmails.com defines abuse as the following, but not limited to: harassment, illegal activity, spamming, causing harm to our servers, or any other behavior we deem unacceptable use. Your continued use of the TastelessEmails.com website and email service means you agree that the TastelessEmails.com team can terminate your account at our sole discretion if we deem you have violated our abuse policy. If your account has been terminated, we will contact you to let you know and will review the case if you would like to appeal.


We consider harassment to be the purposeful emailing with intent to bother, harass, or make someone uncomfortable. We ask you to use common sense and know your target audience.

Illegal Activity

Any illegal activity covered under United States Federal or State laws is grounds for immediate account termination.


If your account is caught spamming, either manually or through bots, your account will be terminated immediately. Spamming includes sending the same or similar messages in a short period of time to one or multiple individuals. Any bot activity that is not pre-approved is subject to account termination. Any activity that leads to a reduction in trust factor for TastelessEmails.com and related domains is subject to immediate termination, and these activities are determined solely based on the TastelessEmails.com team’s judgement.

Unspecified Harmful Activity

Any activities not listed in this Abuse Policy that the TastelessEmails.com team deems to be harmful, detrimental, or any other negative factor to our servers, website, customers, business, or any other aspects relating to the service or business is subject to account termination solely based on the TastelessEmails.com team’s judgement.

Please direct any questions about our Abuse Policy to support@tastelessemails.com

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