Get an inappropriate and funny email address today.

"But why do I need another email address?"

Because ours are fucking funny.

What the fuck are you actually selling?

Yes, these are real emails.

Yes, they are tasteless and crude.

Yes, you can get one. Find the best gag gift email address today.

You’re buying access to an actual working funny email address of your choosing.

Want your email to be Go for it, champ.

How about I’m not judging you. OK, I’m definitely judging you on this one, but I like your positive attitude.

We have 69 email domains to choose from, how convenient is that?

(Note, that’s a total lie. We actually have way more, but 69 sounds funnier.)

How do I get my own funny email address?

We’re glad you want to join us in having the best email address out of anyone you know. View our pricing to check out our packages. That’s what she said. If you want to view all of our available funny email addresses before making a purchase, that’s a pretty reasonable option too.

1 Tasteless Email Package

Get access to 1 email account for either 1, 6, or 12 months. Email friends and family with the best email address to send holiday wishes with your or account. Put it on your resume. Give it as a gift. The possibilities are endless.


Per month


For 12 months


For 6 months

Looking to step your game up and get more than 1 funny email? Of course you are.
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Email Packages

Get one for $6.66

The Classic

$6.66. Immature, but funny. Get The Classic today.

As low as $0.83/account/mo

The Emailinator

Get ALL the emails! Well, actually exactly 10.

As low as $1.15/account/mo

The Party Pack

Get accounts for you and 4 friends, or 5 for just you, selfish bastard.

$ 29.99/domain/year

Create Your Own

We’ll buy a domain (or use your own) of your choosing and setup an email account for you.

Don't see an option here that fits what you're looking for?

Contact us with what you want and our people will send your people a quote. We won’t sleep until you’re happy that you have the best email address.

Do you only offer tasteless email accounts?

No, not ALL of our emails are tasteless and crude. We have quite a few that we call “safe for work”. You can view our SFW emails clicking the button below. Some examples include, and more.

Tasteless Website Package

“Wait, I can get a tasteless website too?” Fuck yeah you can!

Buy a Tasteless Website package to get your own little corner on the internet with a hilarious website address to compliment the best email address you just bought. Our website package includes a free tasteless email account.

Great for celebrating weddings, baby showers, or a satisfying dump. Listen, I’m not here to tell you how to live your life, I’m just here to help you live it.


For 1 Year

Frequently asked questions

Yes we do have an affiliate program and it’s pretty kickass. Click here to register. Every qualifying sale will net you 25% commission.

We suppose you could but what’s funnier, or If you email someone with the gmail account they’re going to think you’re weird and tell you to never email them again. If you email someone with, you’ll raise some eyebrows and definitely get some laughs. Would you rather be a comedic genius or a fucking weirdo?

When you buy an email package you’ll get instructions on how to access it on webmail, set it up on your phone, add it to your computer, set it up on your tamagotchi, you name it.

If you purchase a 6 month or 1 year package and never used the service, we’ll refund you if you’re still within 15 days of your purchase date. We do not offer refunds for the 1 month packages.

You can send whatever you want as long as it’s legal. Memes, cat pictures, dirty jokes, go for it. We have a strong abuse policy that we take seriously so please review it. Basically it says no harassment, no spamming, no illegal content.

Absolutely! Check out our listing for 3rd party domains. Contact us if you have any questions.

If the domain name you thought of is available for purchase, you can buy our “request domain email” package. We’ll review the order and confirm it’s a domain we would like to add. If all that checks out we’ll go ahead and setup your new email on that custom domain!

We generally do not buy domains off anyone, but we might make an exception if yours is particularly spectacular. If you want to donate a domain, we’re more than happy to take it off your hands. If the domain is good enough to use on our site then we’ll happily give you a free 1 year email package for any domain of ours you want.

Bummer dude. Fortunately we have over 69 other domains to pick from so if is taken, maybe try

We own the domains and control the servers, so as long as you follow our rules in our Terms of Service and Abuse Policy we’re gucci. However we can’t control what your friends/parents/teachers/boss do, so make sure you use common sense and know your audience. We are not liable for anything that might arise caused through your use of our service.

Did you really read this whole page?

If you seriously read this far, that means you’re interested and probably obligated BY LAW to make a purchase. Don’t think that sounds accurate? Well my buddy Charlie Kelly studies bird law, so let’s just say he knows a thing or two.

Follow these 3 super duper easy steps to get your really stupid but actually pretty funny email address today. We guarantee it’ll be the best email address you’ll ever own.

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